At the beginning of the brand, there was a meeting, between Franck, sales manager and Chloe, artistic director. A Parisian couple,
complementary and passionate about fashion. They decide to embark together on the great adventure of entrepreneurship, and it is in 2015 that FRNCH (the contraction of their two first names) was born.
A desire: find the latest trends and offer quality pieces. By associating it with their desire to offer a different, inclusive women’s wardrobe, in which one feels good, FRNCH imposes its world where creativity, urban pieces and singularity harmonize perfectly.

After a little over 5 years of building FRNCH together, a wind of change blew in when Chloé took over the direction of the brand alone. Her unique vision and desire for freshness led FRNCH to create for women by women.

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